The SPO will collate and make available to University of Portsmouth academic researchers pools of volunteers for surveys in Portsmouth and surrounding areas. 

Potential participants will provide basic demographics, indicate their availability for involvement with different types of research, and include additional (voluntary) information on their lifestyle and general circumstances. This information will form the basis for aiding selection of relevant participants for each survey. We hope that this will be a resource to enable more efficient data collection, completion of pilot studies, and boosting of grant applications.  

The SPO will enlist members of local organisations – including University of Portsmouth – and support recruitment of hard to reach groups, help shape a local research agenda,  and support projects that aim to benefit communities in Portsmouth and Hampshire. In addition, we hope that the SPO can act as a hub for groups of researchers with shared interests and methods across   the university, promoting collaboration and cooperation across Schools and Faculties.  


A scoping study supported by the Democratic Citizenship, Environment and Sustainability and Risk and Security is under way. A Research Assistant will work in June and July to reach out to organisations, gather information on research interests and relevant contacts, finalise the application process and set out the outline of the data base. The scoping study output will be a report detailing the outcomes of the study which we will disseminate across University of Portsmouth via this website.

He Yuan (he.yuan@port.ac.uk) will be available between June and July for information on the SPO work and to collect names of potential participants and groups staff can think of.

There will be a university-wide Webinar on 7th July, 11:00-12:00 to outline the SPO and its operation and receive feedback from staff. An initial volunteer survey has received ethical approval and will begin in August this year to recruit volunteers to the SPO pool. 

Please register at Eventbrite here.


11:00-11:05 Introduction 

11:05-11:25 The SPO – what it is, how it operates and what it could do 

11:25-11:45 Discussion points (depending on number of attendees, it could be in breakout rooms): 

  • Use of SPO to enable and enhance research 
  • Other types of survey the SPO could be involved with 
  • External stakeholders who might be interested 
  • What else could the SPO do for researchers 

11:45-12:00 Feedback on session and thank you for attending 

Everyone is warmly welcomed to join the webinar! 

If you intend to come along, or even if you can’t but are interested, then it might be helpful to fill out the survey here. This will provide us with ideas of staff expectations of the SPO. 

(We will hold this event on Zoom. Full joining instructions and the Zoom link will be sent to you by email near the time.)