Cell Block Studios will be opening its doors to the University, the creative community and the public in September 2015, have you booked a space?

Those of you familiar with the Cell Block Studios project will know that it has been a long time in the offing.  Renovating and rejuvenating a building of this kind is a complicated and unpredictable process, however  I am pleased to announce that this project is nearing completion.

The building work is complete and the construction team have left the site.  In their wake a fully refurbished series of eight workable cells, two large meeting rooms, breakout spaces, hot-desking facilities and an intimate events area has been left behind.

IMG_5550So what’s next?

The team at the Innovation Space project have been working hard to get the next phase of the project together.  This includes some exciting bits (furniture, technology and the like) as well as some of the more boring stuff (getting the electricity, gas and broadband sorted).

Furniture is being delivered at the end of August (sneak preview of the desk below). After which we intend to hold a series of events, these are:

  • Preview day for University staff – Wednesday 16th September 2015 12-2pm Book here
  • Sneak preview for Portsmouth’s creative community – Wednesday 23rd September 2015 5-7pm Book here
  • Launch and opening of the studios – Thursday 1st October 2015 from 5pm Book here

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