With summer (hopefully) fast approaching and some forward thinking to the Green Impact summer growing challenge, the Green Door team have been thinking of ways to improve biodiversity (both across the University and at home) and get people gardening.

On 13th April 2016 the Green Door team hosted a Seed Swap at Purple Door. Organised by Tanya Grayston-James, the event was a chance for keen gardeners and novices alike to come along and swap packets of seeds, find something new to grow, and get expert advice from Goff Gleadle of Southsea Greenhouse.

As a complete novice when it comes to gardening (I can probably kill a plastic plant!), I was keen to get some tips from my green fingered colleagues. Thanks to fantastic donations from some keen gardeners in the weeks leading up to the event, and on the day itself, there was a wonderful array of seeds, both practical and pretty, for people to choose from. Those who didn’t have any seeds to swap picked up a few packets in return for a donation to Southsea Greenhouse.

Goff gave an informative presentation about Southsea Greenhouse and some of the basics of growing your own. During the Q&A session that followed he gave advice on both growing at home and what might grow well in different office environments around the University.

If you’d like to try growing your own at home (or in the office) then you can now find ‘Seed Swap Boxes’ at St. Andrews’ Court Cafe and in the Library. Please help yourself to a packet and, if you can, put something in for someone else to try!

If you would like to know more about Green Impact visit or email