British Academy – Mid-career Fellowship

The British Academy invites applications for its mid-career fellowships. These aim to support outstanding individual researchers with excellent research proposals, and to promote public understanding and engagement with humanities and social sciences. The time bought by the scheme should be devoted to the completion of a major piece of research, and the Academy will also look for evidence of a clear commitment to a strategy of public engagement and communication of the results of the research during the period of the fellowship.

Individuals employed at UK universities or other UK institutions of higher education may apply, and the Academy is looking particularly to support mid-career scholars. Funding primarily supports scholars who have already published works of intellectual distinction or have established a significant track record as a communicator, and who are normally no more than 15 years from the award of their doctorate.

Fellowships are worth up to £160,000 and are tenable from six to 12 months.

Deadline – September 14th 2016

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