What is SciVal?

“SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 7,500 research institutions and 220 nations worldwide. It draws information from major international publication citation database, Scopus.”

SciVal can help researchers –

  • quickly find international collaborators and experts in specific areas at research institutions worldwide
  • find out who Portsmouth or any other university has collaborated with across the world
  • find out which companies Portsmouth or any other university has collaborated with

It can also help researchers to –

  • compare Portsmouth to any other university in the world, in terms of the publications produced
  • compare groups of universities, such as, all the institutions in the Alliance group
  • compare a particular research group or department with the corresponding group at another university

A few screen shots…




How can I access SciVal?

All staff have access to SciVal. Please login here: www.scival.com. If you have any problems logging in, please contact library@port.ac.uk.

Where can I find instruction on using SciVal?

The instructions are on the Library website. Here’s the short cuts to the key bits –

How is SciVal different to Pure?

SciVal and Pure have different purposes. Pure is an internal management system that covers all aspects of the research life-cycle, drawing together funding, projects, impact, media and publications. Whereas SciVal is an international database, which focuses on publications and can be used to compare universities across the world.