Venturefest South’s inaugural event earlier this month was a huge success, with 569 innovators, entrepreneurs and investors coming together for one action-packed day.

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Throughout the day 35 innovators showcased their products and services.  Among them was Trevor Linn, innovator and CEO of Turbulent Designs, which designs simulations software for marine and aviation training.  “Venturefest South is the first event like this we have exhibited at,” he said at the event.  “We brought our team down and it has been very successful.  We had a good response and a lot of good opportunities.  There are companies here we have wanted to speak to for six or seven months.”

In addition to the fantastic networking opportunity, 17 companies pitched to investors in Venturefest South’s Funding Zone, looking for a combined £26m funding for their businesses.  A further 15 early-start innovators took part in an Open Mic competition.  The winner of the Open Mic competition, YOURmeds, won a business support package from the Founding Partners and a chance to make the final pitch in the Funding Zone.

The University of Portsmouth, as one of the Founding Partners of Venturefest South, was delighted at the success of the event and is busy working with the other Founding Partners to do it all again.

Join us for Venturefest 2018 – details coming soon!