Do you need help with research data management, planing or archiving?   You may like to have a chat with the University’s new Research Data Officer, Dr Gary Pike.  Gary work’s in the Research Outputs team in the Library.

The Gary’s role covers two broad areas –

  • Assisting academics (e.g. advising on file formats, metadata standards, copyright and licencing, technical issues etc) in archiving research data at the end of their research projects and making it open access. This is a requirement of both the University and external research funders.


  • Writing research data management and technical plans with academics. These plans are a key requirement of all major research funders, which need to be submitted as part of the grant application process.  These data plans cover a range of areas, including copyright, licencing, software, hardware, data protection issues, timescales and project planning, backup, security and data storage both during the project and archiving data afterwards.

To contact Gary, please email