Looking to publish a ‘gold’ Open Access (OA) article?  The University has just updated its deals with major publishers offering free or discounted article processing charges (APCs).

Gold OA means that your article will be publicly available on the publisher’s website as soon as it is published. The professionally formatted publisher’s version of your article can also be shared with others and re-posted on other websites. This potentially increases the likelihood that people from within academia and beyond (e.g. industry, businesses and government) will find, cite and use your research.

Discounts available to Portsmouth researchers include –

  • Free APCs for articles published in Springer journals
  • APCs for £200 for articles published in Sage journals
  • APCs for £475 for articles published in Taylor & Francis journals

Click here for more details about these deals or contact openaccess@port.ac.uk

These deals are open to all Portsmouth researchers. The deals that involve a cost (e.g. Sage and Taylor & Francis) will require researchers to meet the cost with funds from within their faculty or by applying to the central fund for APCs.


(The image above is reused under the CC0 licence.)