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Future and Emerging Technologies Theme Director, Professor Adrian Hopgood has published an article in The Conversation about the role of Artificial Intelligence in Employment.

Man loses job due to technical glitch

In this article, Prof Hopgood discusses the implications of relying on AI to make life changing decisions, in this case the hiring and firing of employees, with particular reference to the recent case of Diallo, a man who was accidently sacked by the automated computer system when his manager forgot to set up his contract of employment for automatic renewal.

The role of AI in HR

Prof Hopgood argues that if there had been a more intelligent AI system, this situation could have been avoided but states that ultimately, in his opinion, there are some things that will always require a human touch and should not be left in the hands of AI, this includes dealing with people’s employment.

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Published on The Conversation on July 2nd, 2018.