Sustainable Development and Corporate Reporting Workshop


The Sustainable Development and Corporate Reporting workshop will consider current issues in financial reporting and the future of social responsibility reporting in corporate reports. This is particularly relevant with the introduction of the new IASB framework from 2020. Integrated reporting including sustainability and current debates in Russia and the UK on accountability and corporate reporting will need to be considered carefully.

Date: Tuesday 18 June to Thursday 20 June 2019, 09:00-16:30
Location: School of Business and Law, University of Portsmouth

Aims of the workshop

The workshop will develop academic collaboration between the UK and Russia. It will provide a platform for discussion of short and long-term research collaboration opportunities with potential for longer-term sustainability. The workshop will benefit participants by providing clear objectives and professional development for scholarly writing, publication, dissemination of research and for searching and applying for grants.

Who the workshop is for

This workshop is for early career researchers (ECRs) from the UK and Russia with a financial accounting background who wish to engage with international research in this area and actively participate in projects.

There will be opportunities for networking, building teams and developing research ideas with other ECRs in similar research areas of corporate reporting.

The workshop is supported by the British Council, Portsmouth University and the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow.  

How to attend the workshop

If you meet the criteria for attendance, please send a brief CV and covering letter outlining your motivations and highlighting your ambitions related to the workshop to:

Karen McBride

Roza Sagitova

Places are allocated on a first come first serve basis following review by two mentors, one from each country. Decisions will be made within one week of receiving the application and an equal number of participants from each country will be selected. All expenses are funded.

Additional Opportunity

The University of Portsmouth Business and Law, Research and Innovation conference takes place on 17th June and offers those interested the opportunity to attend presentations on Sustainability and an afternoon session on writing and publishing research for ECRs.