We are delighted to have Dr Namshik Han as our guest speaker for our upcoming seminar on Thursday 12 September 2019, co-hosted by the Health & Wellbeing, Future Emerging Technologies and IBBS.  Dr Han leads the computational biology group at the Milner Therapeutics Institute, University of Cambridge. 

In this talk, Dr Han will discuss some of the ways in which the Milner Therapeutics Institute is using advanced machine learning and data mining to discover potential new drug targets, and advance our ability to work towards personalised medicine. 

The challenges in drug discovery, including high attrition rates in late development stage, are well documented. This has led to an increased interest and need for applying machine learning and artificial intelligence across the drug discovery pipeline from target identification to chemical lead selection and optimisation. It has also been demonstrated that drugs with human genetic validation data are more likely to succeed in the clinic.

Through the use of data mining of large scale publicly available “Big Data”, and the generation of new data sets in direct partnership with other members of the consortium, Dr Han and his group aim to identify new therapeutic targets in a wide range of different diseases, identify new methods to stratify patients in order to improve personalised medicine, predict and analyse efficacy and safety in new and existing drugs, and identify novel opportunities for drug positioning/repositioning.

There will be a forum discussion after the seminar and time for networking with Dr Han as well as researchers and clinical workers at the University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Hospital Trust. 

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