What is my profile on Scopus?

Scopus is an international database of publications. It covers all universities and academics world-wide, and is a useful tool for doing research.  Scopus has excellent coverage of science and technology subject areas, as well as reasonable coverage of business and humanities.

If you are an academic working in one of these areas you will have a profile on Scopus. Many organisations, businesses and most universities, including Portsmouth, subscribe to Scopus, so the information about you on Scopus is essentially in the public domain.

To see your Scopus profile –

  • Go to Scopus. (If you’re off campus, you’ll need to login).
  • Make sure the ‘Search’ button is selected (across the top of the screen).
  • Select the ‘Authors’ radio button.
  • Search for yourself.  (You can also search for any other academic if you wish!)

Check your Scopus profile to ensure that it is accurate. 

When checking your profile, some things to note are –

You should only have one profile on Scopus.

If you are a subject area which Scopus has good coverage of (ie. science and technology) then Scopus should list all of your journal and conference articles.  However, if you are in a subject area which Scopus doesn’t fully cover (e.g. law) then it may not list all of your publications; this is fine and to be expected.

Why is this important?

Your profile is public and Scopus is an official database that organisations, including Portsmouth, refer to.

However, Scopus uses an algorithm to assign academics to publications and it can sometimes make mistakes.  For example, an academic may end up with their publications split across two profiles, or their publications may be linked to the profile of someone else entirely. This can sometimes be due to academics having similar names or moving university.


Who should I contact if my profile is not correct?

You need to fill in this form.


How can ORCIDs also help?

You can also link your ORCID to Scopus. (All academics should have an ORCID, but if you’ve not got one click here). This helps Scopus correctly attribute your publications to you.

To do this, click on the ‘Connect to ORCID’ button on the right of your Scopus profile page.



If you have any questions, please contact the Library Team – libraryresearch@port.ac.uk