Dr Ioannis Chatziantoniou from the University of Portsmouth has been awarded the Tom Fetherston Prize for best paper published in the International Review of Financial Analysis (IRFA) in 2017.

Dr Chatziantoniou and his co-authors Nikolaos Antonakakis (Webster University, Vienna) and George Filis (Bournemouth University) were awarded the prize for their paper ‘Oil shocks and stock markets: Dynamic connectedness under the prism of recent geopolitical and economic unrest’. 

In the study, the authors examined the dynamic relationship between oil price shocks and stock market returns (or volatility) for net oil–exporting and net oil–importing countries between 1995 and 2013.

The journal selected the paper because its findings pushed the boundaries of the issue forward. The use of new techniques to provide a greater understanding shed new light on the perennial question about the relationship between stock markets and energy markets.

Dr Chatziantoniou, a senior lecturer in the subject group of Economics and Finance, said: “I am very happy that we received this award from the prestigious International Review of Financial Analysis. It’s crucial for research to promote the understanding of topical issues and to provide new evidence and different points of view. In this regard, we are very satisfied with our contribution to the particular line of research.”  

The IRFA, published by Elsevier, is a general finance journal (rated 3* by the Charted Association of Business Schools) with a remit that all submissions must include international data so that the research shows the global implications for the research. Tom Fetherston was a long-standing and founder editor of the journal and the prize was set up in his memory to reflect the ethos of the journal.