For University staff interested in publishing your scholarly articles as Gold Open Access (OA).  In order to publish Gold OA, you would typically need to pay the publisher an up-front cost in order to publisher your article – referred to as an Article Processing Charge (APC).

Paying to publish your article as Gold OA means that the publisher’s professionally formatted PDF will be OA on the publisher’s website, and also that the article will be given a Creative Commons licence so that the publisher’s PDF can be publicly shared online.

The University has recently completed the Gold OA deals that it negotiates with some key journal publishers for 2020, in order to provide staff with fee waivers or discounts on APCs for a large selection of their journals.

The current APC deals available to University of Portsmouth staff are for the following publishers: IOP Publishing, Sage Publishing, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Wiley.  Please see our Current APC Deals for the complete list of these deals, and their terms and conditions.

Please note that if you intend on using a deal that involves a discounted APC (rather than a complete fee waiver), then you will still need to cover the remaining costs of the APC.  These costs would need to be covered either by your Faculty, or you can also apply for APC costs centrally via the Library.

Further information about Gold OA and the APC application process is available on the Library’s Researcher Support page.  If you have any questions about either the University’s APC deals or the Library’s APC application process, then please contact me at