Horizon Europe is the new European funding programme for research and innovation (2021-2027), which has a budget of €94.1 billion that will be distributed among both directed and responsive mode calls.

The UK is lined up to become an Associated Country, which means we will pay money into the ‘pot’ and therefore be able to participate as if we were a Member State. The final paperwork has not yet been signed as the programme has been a little delayed, however the UK Government expects that we will be able to participate from the very start of the programme.

We are hosting a virtual visit from our European Advisor, Malgorzata Czerwiec, from the UK Research Office (UKRO), which is the European office of UKRI based in Brussels that we subscribe to. UKRO are a great source of information and we are lucky to have a visit from them lined up on Tuesday 23rd March.

At the event, Malgorzata will provide an overview of the Horizon Europe programme and the opportunities it presents and there will be time for questions at the end of each session. This event is open to all University of Portsmouth (UoP) staff. Please register your place here.

For more information on what we know about the programme so far, please see this Horizon Europe information sheet (available to UoP staff when logged into your Google account).

On a separate note, if you wish to apply for the ERC Starting Grant with deadline expected in March 2021, please see the guidance in the information sheet.