A series of writing retreats raising money for the Council for At Risk Academics (Cara) have been arranged by Eleanor Pritchard outisde of her role at the University of Oxford as a Researcher Development Coordinator.

Eleanor says: ‘Outside of my Oxford role, I’m running three full day writing retreats to raise funds for the Council for At Risk Academics, (CARA) who do amazing work supporting our academic colleagues and their families who have to flee their home countroes and resettle in the UK. The details of the events and links to more info on CARA are on my blog here:

Event details:

Dates: Wednesday 17 March, Wednesday 7 July, Wednesday 24 November

Times: 9am-4:30pm UK time 

Ticket Costs: 1 retreat = £15, 2 retreats = £30, 3 retreats = £45

You can find detailed information about the writing retreats here.