A new website aimed directly at Principal Investigators and managers of Research Staff to offer guidance in supporting their staff has been launched on the Research and Innovation Services intranet.

The PI Guide to Support Research Staff outlines key requirements and responsibilities of PIs from induction of their new staff, through project target setting and support with career development through to project end and progression to new opportunities.

The content has been created with input from PIs, managers and research staff themselves, alongside the obligations outlined in the Concordat to Support Career Development of Researchers that we, as a University, signed up and committed to in September 2020. As well as identifying key milestones and some of the actions required at key points in a project, the website also signposts out to resources and support available internally across the institution, as well as external relevant resources.

The webpages will receive ongoing updates and additions, but if there is anything you think should be included or amended, please contact lisa.rhodes@port.ac.uk