The Knowledge Exchange Unit supports the exchange of information between UK Researchers and Parliament. They prepare a list of opportunities for researchers each week, which we will be disseminating in part through this blog.

If you are engaging in any of these opportunities, please email Glenn Harris or Suzi Edwards

New opportunities for researchers to engage with Parliament (compiled 10th June 2021)  

These opportunities have been compiled by UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU).

The KEU supports Parliament to communicate its research and expertise needs to the research community, and supports the research community to engage with Parliament. Take a look at the KEU’s webhub of information and resources for researchers.

These opportunities and resources have been sent to members of the KEU’s informal network for Knowledge Mobilisers, for circulation to researchers and others (find out more about the network).   

Engagement opportunities   

  1. Select committee inquiries launched in the last seven days (since 3rd June 2021)
  2. Select committee inquiries launched in the last fortnight (since 27th May 2021)
  3. Watch training sessions for researchers online – new videos available!



  1. Select committee inquiries launched in the last seven days (since 3rd June 2021) 
  1. Select committee inquiries launched in the last fortnight (since 27th May 2021) 

Why should I engage? Submitting evidence to a select committee can lead to further engagement, such as an invite to give oral evidence. Your submission will be published on the Committee webpage. Your insights may inform the Committee’s conclusions or recommendations it makes to the Government. Find out more about why to engage with ParliamentAnd find more on engagement for impact

More informationFind all select committee inquiries currently open for submissions of written evidence.

Support resources:find guidance on submitting evidence to select committees on the KEU’s ‘how to guides’ page  

  1. Watch training videos for researchers online – new videos available!

You can watch a focused, practical training session on how to use research to engage with Parliament, from UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit.  We’ve just added recordings of our latest sessions, including:

There are a range of other sessions available to watch too, including training for researchers at different career levels, and themed sessions on working with select committees and writing for a parliamentary audience.  Sessions are between 30-50 minutes long.  Each video is captioned and accompanied by the training slides, a transcript and useful links and resources.

Recordings of all of our training sessions can be found at

Why should I engage? These training sessions are focused on practical information and advice, containing tips and information on how you can engage with Parliament as a researcher.  They include contact details and links to further useful information.

More informationFind all online training sessions for researchers from UK Parliament.