by He Yuan

The University of Portsmouth has successfully hosted its first Culture and Heritage Week #CHWeekUoP21 in September 2021. Supported by the University’s Democratic Citizenship Research Theme, Portsmouth’s unique culture and heritage was brought to life through a series of free online and in person events, which echoed the nationwide Heritage Open Days 2021.

Led by Professor Leïla Choukroune, Director of the Democratic Citizenship Research Theme, the Culture and Heritage Week featured many remarkable projects, such as Mary Rose, Rural Heritage, Literary Map, Black History, as well as PGR students’ culture and heritage related work. The closing event- a round table discussion on The Future of Heritage: Challenges, and Risks gathered experts from academia Prof. Anne MurphyProf. Leïla Choukroune, Dr Karen McBride, Dr Ann Coats, Dr Tarek Teba, Dr Rob Inkpen, Dr Garry Scarlett,  James Daly from Portsmouth City Council and Sarah Holloway, Heritage Open Days Programme Manager, to explore the future of Culture and Heritage.

As part of the University’s strategy to enrich the community through preservation, conservation, interpretation, and education to appreciate its history, understand the present and build a common future, Culture and Heritage Week created a platform to celebrate the world-class research conducted by University scholars in partnership with local, national and global actors.

The Democratic Citizenship Team is keen to bring the Culture and Heritage Week back in September 2022, featuring equally fascinating events to research and life in a national and international level.