The UK Data Service is the largest digital repository for quantitative and qualitative social science and humanities research data in the UK. The UK’s only nationally funded research infrastructure for curating and providing access to social science data, their services and expertise, especially around data curation and secure access to data, have been influential across the world.

The UKDS runs a number of training sessions throughout the year relating to several innovative aspects of data-intensive social science research, alongside the foundations of research using quantitative and qualitative data. Whether you are new to research, a new undergraduate, a career researcher or a data manager, there is likely to be some training or best practice guidance that will be useful. See here for a calendar of events.

Recently, they ran a workshop on the basics of Research Data Management which covered key essential processes: writing a data management plan for research grants; documenting data appropriately and effectively; formatting and organising data; and storing data, including data transfer, encryption and file sharing. The workshop recording for this session can be accessed via the link on this page.

If you require any advice or information on Open Access Publishing or Research Data Management, please contact the Research Outputs Team or visit our webpages.