‘The human capacity to face, overcome and ultimately be strengthened by adversities and challenges.’ (Masten, A. & Yates, T. M., 2004)

It has never been more vital to build and nurture personal and academic resilience to be best able to face the challenges, set-backs and rejection that is all too common in our working lives. 

By understanding what we mean by resilience and understanding strategies for developing our own resilience, we can prepare ourselves for the setbacks that may arise in our work and maximise our chance of future success. 

With this in mind, we are pleased to share details of three online workshops designed to support individuals with exploring and applying personal resilience in an academic/research context. Each workshop applies resilience to a different theme and will uncover practical models that can be used in personal and professional contexts. 

The workshops are standalone, so can be accessed on an individual basis, but do interlink for those who wish to access all 3 sessions. Details as follows:

Workshop 1 – Thursday 26 May 10:00-12:00

Resilience: agency and personal strengths 

• Explore & develop your resilience-boosting strategies 

• Take deliberate control of your attention and energy towards what matters most to you 

• Define and deploy your personal strengths to relieve stress and increase fulfilment 

Workshop 2 – Wednesday 15 Jun 10:00-12:00

Resilience: decision-making and uncertainty 

• Improve your decision-making in conditions of uncertainty 

• Manage better the emotional impacts of uncertainty and stress 

• Align your choices with your value-system under pressure 

Workshop 3 – Tuesday 5 July 10:00-12:00

Resilience: demands and resources 

• Clarify and triage the demands of academia with your personal resources 

• Identify and maximise your successful resilience strategies 

• Explore and extend your internal and external resourcing for addressing challenges

Intended audience: academic / research staff

To find out more, or to book on to any of the above sessions, please go to RISDP Workshops Page (for UoP staff only)