Dr Simon Kolstoe, University Ethics Advisor, has put together the following flowchart to illustrate the process required when planning Research including with outside organisations such as the NHS.

Research involving the NHS has the potential to impact policy and patient care nationally. As a consequence the Health Research Authority (https://www.hra.nhs.uk/) must grant permission for all research projects. Research conducted by students, for the purpose of gaining qualifications below doctorate level, are not supported by the HRA unless the student has an existing clinical registration (i.e. are already a doctor, nurse, physio etc.).

Staff are reminded that they must not encourage undergraduates or taught post-graduate students to contact the NHS for research purposes. For staff and doctorate level research, information on how to gain the appropriate approvals can be found on the ethics webpage: https://www.port.ac.uk/research/research-culture/research-ethics

Furthermore the University, in collaboration with the hospital trust, has recently appointed a new Partnership Facilitator – Yvette.Hibberd@porthosp.nhs.uk – who is now able to support staff and doctorate students as they plan their NHS research. Please contact Yvette if you are considering or planning any research that involves the NHS.