Think. Check. Submit. helps researchers identify trusted journals and publishers for their research. Through a range of tools and practical resources, this international, cross-sector initiative aims to educate researchers, promote integrity, and build trust in credible research and publications.

  • ‘Think’  invites researchers to consider how they can be sure a publisher they have in mind is right for their research. 
  • ‘Check’ provides a list of questions to assess if a publisher is a suitable venue for their research output. Questions include:
    • Can you tell what formats the books/journals are available in and what price levels? (e.g., ebook for purchase or open access, print in hard or softcover)
    • Is the publisher clear on their website about the type of peer review used and if it involves independent/external reviewers?
    • Does the publisher allow you to retain the copyright of your work? 
    • Is the publisher clear about contracts and royalty agreements, where applicable?
  • ‘Submit’ advises researchers to only submit their manuscript if they can answer ‘yes’ to most or all of the ‘Check’ questions. 

Whether publishing books, chapters or journal articles, Think. Check. Submit has a handy checklist which will help you identify whether a publisher is suitable for your work and will also help you to steer clear of predatory publishers.

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