You are invited to the launch of Octopus. This virtual event marks the first live release of the platform to the global research community.

Octopus aims to become the place where all primary scientific research is registered and described in full detail. It seeks to change the traditional approach to research – rewarding best practice, minimising biases, and mitigating the pressures for questionable research practices.  This event will include a panel discussion with speakers from across the research community as well as a demo of the platform itself.

Octopus will create a new ‘primary research record’ for recording and appraising research ‘as it happens’. It breaks down the publication of scientific research into eight elements, unlike a traditional journal article.

The eight elements are:

  • Problem
  • Hypothesis/rationale
  • Methods/protocol
  • Data/results
  • Analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Real-world implementation
  • Peer review

These elements will be linked together to form chains of collaborative work. These smaller units of publication encourage faster sharing, and credit can be given to individual work at all stages of the research process, including peer review. This will encourage a new culture of collaboration, constructive critique and fast sharing of work by resetting the incentive structure in research to reward best practice in every aspect of the scientific process.

The platform will be free for researchers to publish their work, free for anyone to read and embeds the principles of openness and transparency throughout. Octopus is initially focused on STEM research, but plans to expand to support for AHSS disciplines.

To register for the launch event on June 29th at 4pm click here.

To find out more about the Octopus project, see here.