Clarivate has added the Preprint Citation Index to the Web of Science platform. Researchers can now locate and link to preprints alongside other trusted content in the database.

A preprint is a version of a research paper or outcome publicly available in online repositories prior to peer review. Currently, the Preprint Citation Index provides nearly two million preprints from the arXiv, bioRxiv, chemRxiv, medRxiv, and repositories. Papers from more than a dozen additional repositories will be added throughout 2023. Preprint records are discoverable alongside other scholarly output in the Web of Science and connected to final versions of record, where applicable. They are clearly marked in search results and not included in any citation metrics.

The Preprint Citation Index enables users to:

  • Locate versions of record (where applicable) for preprints: Find and reference peer-reviewed articles with links from preprints to Web of Science Core Collection
  • Connect preprints to journal articles: Uncover connections between preprints indexed in the Preprint Citation Index and journal articles indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection via citation linking.
  • Monitor new research across several repositories: An author can set an alert for keywords or a named researcher of interest to be notified when relevant preprints become available.