Support with exploring and applying personal resilience in your academic/research context.

Working in an academic environment is exciting, stimulating and even, at times, fun! But can also be challenging, stressful and have a substantial impact on our mental health and well-being, particularly with the repeated rejections, long work hours and ‘publish or perish’  that are part and parcel of working in the sector. 

‘Even though the first rejection is probably the toughest of all rejections, any rejection following it may still be equally painful. Unfortunately, most academics have to deal with repeated rejections.’ (Jaremka et al., 2020)

Building, developing or growing our resilience is often given as a ‘solution’ to how we can cope with academic stress but what is less common are the discussions or support to provide the practical tools to enable this to happen. Resilience is crucial to wellbeing and helps us to continue and succeed despite the setbacks that occur. There is no single solution, and often the changes we need to make can be quite small, accumulating over time to make a difference. 

Dr. Sarah Robins-Hobden, CPsychol, MISCP, FHEA, will be delivering a series of three, online sessions providing practical strategies to develop and replenish resilience applied across different themes.

Workshop 1 – Resilience: Agency and Personal Strengths: Tuesday 18th April 10:00-12:00

Workshop 2 – Resilience: Decision-making and Uncertainty: Thursday 11th May 10:00-12:00

Workshop 3 – Resilience: Demands and Resources: Wednesday 7th June 10:00-12:00

All workshops will share:

◦ Introduction to resilience: myth-busting; a useful model of resilience; application in personal context.

◦ Ground rules: contracted at the start so participants can maximise sharing and learning in a safe and confidential space.

◦ Optional pre-course work: to prime learning and deepen application to personal context.

To optimise the reach of the programme, the workshops are complementary, but not interdependent. Participants may attend one, two or all three, depending on their needs. 

Access the links above for more details and to book a place. (Places are limited)