Elsevier have set up a series of webinars to offer regular training and support for skills, knowledge and professional development on a variety of topics aimed at Postgraduate students, Academic staff, Researchers, Library and Research staff.

The next upcoming training sessions are scheduled for April – June as follows:

18th April 2023, 2.00pm: How to get published in a scholarly journal: Top Tips from a Publisher

9th May 2023, 11.30am: How to Identify Fake, Cloned, Predatory Journals and Conferences

6th June 2023, 2.00pm: Revitalizing the library: How Elsevier supports librarians in reconnecting with researchers

27th June 2023, 2.00pm: Kicking-off your journal evaluation with free CiteScore metrics

To find out more and to register for any of these sessions, please click here.

For further help or guidance on this or any of the topics mentioned above, please contact the Research Outputs Team at Libraryresearch@port.ac.uk