UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) are replacing the Je-S application system with the Funding Service (TFS) throughout 2023. This is part of UKRI’s Simpler and Better Funding Programme. Throughout 2023 both systems will run in parallel as the transition takes place.

Which system will I apply through?
The call-page, accessible through the UKRI Funding Finder, will identify which application system will be in use for the call you are applying to and will link directly to it.

Each Research Council has their own transitioning plan and timeline; check out the overviews of their approaches on the Council transition to the new Funding Service page.

How is the TFS different?
The TFS has a simple look and structure with guidance provided within the system. The system is being developed in an iterative way and so we will see the functionality develop over the year ahead.

Ultimately, the ambition is to remove the need for documents to be uploaded, with the main sections of the proposal being entered directly into the system with word counts for each question. The text boxes have formatting options and you will be able to add images.

For standard and responsive mode calls, there will be a set of core questions that will be used across all councils, with additional questions added as required. These questions will align with the assessment criteria for the call. Find out more on the Responsive mode opportunities in the Funding Service: core application section questions and assessment page.

Importantly, we know that the sections where you detail your ability to deliver the project will use the Résumé for Research and Innovation (R4RI) format. This is a move away from traditional CVs and is being rolled out across many funders. Read more about this on our RIS intranet Narrative CVs section.

Where can you get support?
It is more important than ever to submit an Intention to Apply form at the earliest opportunity. This will alert professional support colleagues to your application and will enable us to contact you directly to support you in using TFS and developing your application in the new format.

We will use the normal internal communication channels to advertise information and support sessions, however if you would like to receive these updates directly to your inbox then please sign up to our internal TFS mailing list here.

We have set up this page The UKRI Funding Service (TFS) on our RIS intranet to provide you with all the details and guidance you will need during this time.