Innovate UK has launched ‘First of a Kind Deployment of Innovation’ funding to assist businesses evaluate new infrastructure technologies for the first-time in real-world environments.  The aim is to enable solutions to take the final step to market readiness by proving:

  • repeatable financing and business cases for the innovation;
  • that the innovation delivers the expected outcomes when integrated in complex real-world applications.

Up to £19m is available to support innovative solutions for system challenges in: energy generation and supply; connected transport; and urban living. Proposals should also help inform Innovate UK about the role that new financial products can play in supporting this stage of the commercialisation process in future.

The competition has two phases:

  • Phase 1 – funded study: IUK expects projects up to total costs of £50,000. Projects should last up to three months.
  • Phase 2 – testing the innovation in a commercial environment: IUK expects projects with total costs of £250,000 to £5 million. Projects should be deployed within one year.

100% funding is available

The competition aligns with IUK’s priorities for the infrastructure systems sector. This is to speed up the commercialisation of new scalable solutions into:

  • Energy systems
  • Nuclear fission
  • Offshore wind
  • Connected transport
  • Smart, resilient, sustainable integrated infrastructure

Applications are accepted from businesses of any size carrying out projects in the UK. The business may work alone or in collaboration with others (businesses, research base and third sector). A business must lead the project. The bid must involve an end customer and an SME.

Applicants must have an innovative solution that is field-tested and ready for use with an end customer by 1 April 2017. 

More information:

Deadline for applications is Wednesday 24 August 2016 (12 noon)