Celebrating Successes

This years’ sell out conference saw experts from a wide range of fields in medical and research professions come together to showcase their work and celebrate the improvements they have delivered to patients’ lives. This included:

  • Developments in Big Data and the role this plays in Healthy Collaboration presented by the University’s Professor Jim Briggs
  • The role of Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery, presented by Jim Kahn, consultant surgeon at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Sarah Wilby and Tony Palmer at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust presented with The University of Portsmouth’s Professor Ashraf Labib on robotised brachytherapy.

There were also poster presentations, for which both the University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust staff were awarded a prize for best poster using a democratic electronic voting system. Also the Directors awarded prizes to researchers in recognition of their contributions to healthcare research and innovation.

Poster presentations in Eldon Foyer

Launch of the Portsmouth Technology Trials Unit (PTTU)

A great example of research and innovation in health and technology is the launch of the Portsmouth Technology Trials Unit. Dr Alice Mortlock delivered a presentation explaining the purpose of PTTU and the impact it will have on patients in the local community. Research will take place to develop and deliver collaborative clinical research projects which will be based at Queen Alexandra Hospital and will support all stages of the project lifecycle from designing clinical investigations and obtaining funding, to delivery and dissemination.

A Patient’s’ Perspective

In addition to the variety of experts, we also heard from a patient who participated in a research trial for asthma. Anna Glanville-Hearson delivered a personal and enlightening presentation titled  ‘Why research matters’ and informed an audience that consisted of mostly healthcare professionals and researchers, why her experience of participating as a patient was so important and life changing for her. She reiterated the benefits of the trial and that being given this opportunity has made a huge difference to her life.

Collaborative Opportunities Created

One of the purposes of the conference is to support the creation of collaborative opportunities between the University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. The PTTU in particular, is a great opportunity to work in partnership with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and industry to research and test medical and healthcare technology to find innovative ways to diagnose and treat, and to transform care and treatment for local patients. Their innovative ideas could provide the platform required to develop new technologies to make a difference to patients’ lives. The Portsmouth News recently published an article on the PTTU launch highlighting this. It is hoped this will lead to many more healthy collaborations for all.

Keynote speaker Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, aka – ‘The Supervet’ in action

Supervet Keynote Speaker

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick aka ‘The Supervet’ delivered a keynote speech on his perspective of One Medicine as an opportunity to improve the health of animals and humans. Theme Director Professor Gordon Blunn and Professor Noel Fitzpatrick are both known for their work in the development of prosthesis for amputees but in different contexts. Their presentations showcased how closely human and animal medicine are related and the impact that this medical technology has on patients’ lives. Professor Fitzpatrick addressed the importance of aligning human and animal medicine through the One Medicine approach to ensure there is benefit to both humans and animals in his keynote. A message not to be taken lightly if there is hope to ensure that quality of life for both humans and animals is improved. Read our previous post to find out more about Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s One Medicine Approach and the Humanimal Trust.