Supervet Keynote Speaker

We are excited to host inspirational leader and expert in superlative care Professor Noel Fitzpatrick aka ‘The Supervet’ as our keynote speaker at this year’s joint Health and Technology conference, brought to you by Portsmouth Hospitals Trust and The University of Portsmouth.

Noel is most commonly known for is his appearance on our TV screens as ‘The Supervet’, first aired on Channel 4 in 2014, demonstrating his application of innovative and world-leading techniques to improve the lives of our pets. He established Fitzpatrick referrals, of which he is managing director, in 2005 which moved to its current location in in Eashing, near Guildford, Surrey in 2008. He also supported the establishment of the Veterinary School of Medicine at The University of Surrey in 2015.


Founder of the Humanimal Trust and The One Medicine Approach

In 2015, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick founded the Humanimal Trust, which aims to cross-polinate the ideas and expertise from both human and animal medical practice, and strives to lay the foundations for a, “new era of compassionate medicine and a fairer society.”

All too often, translation of medicine for the mutual benefit of humans and animals doesn’t happen. Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is pioneering the ‘One Medicine’ approach which strives to provide a sustainable solution for the treatment of humans and animals alike, and a movement towards reciprocity and ending of suffering. Noel’s concept of the one medicine approach will focus on the similarities, rather than differences, between animals and humans, and will enable the cross-over of treatments and techniques between species resulting in a win-win situation for all.

The Humanimal Trust will be moving the One Medicine approach forward this year through the establishment of an online community to promote cross-collaboration between human and animal experts in the fields of medicine, bio-engineering and research through the ‘Humanimal Hub’.


Come and hear what Professor Noel Fitzpatrick has to say

At the conference, Professor Fitzpatrick will be delivering a talk on his personal perspectives as a veterinary surgeon of ‘One Medicine’ as an opportunity to improve the health of both animals and humans. He recognises that animals and humans share a large number of medical conditions and diseases but not all known treatments are shared which he believes is a missed opportunity for finding solutions and treatment.

If you would like to hear what Noel has to say, please join us on Wednesday 13th June at 16:00, in Eldon Building, Lecture Theatre W1.11 at the joint PHT-UoP Health and Technology conference. Further information about the conference can be found in our online programme and speaker biographies.


*image courtesy of Fitzpatrick Referrals*