Sharing and preserving data

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to read the sharing and preservation guidance information on the University’s Research Data page.

Some funders require you to deposit your research data for your project in a specific repository. For example, the ESRC normally require data to be deposited in the UK Data Service’s ReShare repository. The Registry of Research Data Repositories ( is a useful place to search for discipline specific repositories. You also have the option to deposit your research data in Pure here at Portsmouth.

Adding datasets to Pure

To add datasets to Pure please follow the Adding Datasets guidance. Note that the individual file size limit for this method is 1000MB. To deposit larger file sizes please contact

Logging into Pure

There are two places where you can log into Pure – either on the Staff Essentials homepage on the bottom-right; or on the Research Portal homepage on the bottom-left.
On clicking the link it should automatically log you into Pure – if it doesn’t then the details to log in should be the same as those that you use to log into your UoP computer.
If that doesn’t work, then it’s possibly the cookies on your browser remembering a prior login error – in which case please either delete the cookies on your browser, or try using a different browser.
If that doesn’t work, then please contact – as that email address is for any technical queries (including login issues) to do with the Pure system.