We are delighted to be able to welcome Professor Kevin Warwick as our guest speaker for the next Healthcare Technologies Seminar (“Neural Implants for Therapy and Enhancement”- Healthcare Technologies Hub Seminar, 27th February 3-5pm, St Andrew’s Court room 4.09 – book at https://healthcaretechnologieshub.eventbrite.co.uk).

As well as publishing over 500 research papers, Kevin’s experiments into implant technology led to him being featured as the cover story on the US magazine, ‘Wired’. His research has involved being a self-experimenter and he is frequently referred to as the world’s first cyborg.

Kevin’s research has involved the design of an intelligent deep brain stimulator to counteract the effects of Parkinson Disease tremors. Kevin is best known for his pioneering experiments involving a neuro-surgical implantation into the median nerves of his own left arm to link his nervous system directly to a computer to assess the latest technology for use with disabled people. He was successful with the first extra-sensory (ultrasonic) input for a human and with the first purely electronic telegraphic communication experiment between the nervous systems of two humans.

Alongside Kevin, we are also excited to hear a talk from Professor Peter Kyberd, Head of the School of Energy and Electronic Engineering at the University of Portsmouth.Website 640x400-HY_UoP_APPLICANT_DAY_135

Peter is a leading authority on the control of prosthetic limbs, including a highly publicised collaboration with Prof Warwick using implanted electrodes to control a robotic arm .In addition to his peer-reviewed scientific publications his work has been featured in popular science journals such as Electronics Times.