Are you new to the university and wondering how to get started with your research funding? The following steps will help you get started on your journey and highlight the support along the way. 

If you wish to be alerted to new research funding opportunities, tailored to your subject area and interests, then Research Professional should be your first port of call. Research Professional is the database of funding opportunities that we subscribe to. It has a wealth of opportunities from around the world and you can set up searches to fit your ambitions. Here is some guidance and tips to help you get set up. 

When an appropriate call comes along, the deadline is usually sooner than you would like and so it is always worth developing your ‘nursery of potential projects’ before there are any calls on the horizon. You may wish to sign up to one of the workshops in the Research and Innovation Staff Development Programme to help you think about your research strategy. Nurturing your ideas may involve discussing them with your research Website Promo-SAMSHAW_UOP_RIS_DAY5_014group to make them more robust, it may involve seeking feedback from end users or searching for potential collaborators and non-academic partners who can team up with you to bring your idea to life.

If you wish to work with the non-academic sector, get in touch with the Collaboration Manager who supports your faculty. Their role is to support you in developing relationships with the non-academic sector, including talking about finances and intellectual property, so that you can keep your focus on the research itself. 

As a member of staff with responsibility to undertake research, you will be given a profile on Pure. Pure is our research information management system and the front-end of this is our public-facing Research Portal. Making sure your profile is up-to-date and highlights your current research interests will help others to find you. You may even search on the portal yourself to find others here at Portsmouth with similar interests to you. If your research falls under one of the interdisciplinary research and innovation Website Promo-HY_UoP_PLACEMENT_STUDENTS_064themes it is also advisable to make yourself known to the Research Development Officers who support the themes and ensure you are on the mailing list to hear about thematic events and opportunities. 

If you’re looking for opportunities to network with other researchers across the University, regardless of whether your research area falls under a theme, you can get involved in the Researchers’ Network and, where appropriate, fora for Readers and Professors. You may also wish to sign up to this research and innovation blog to keep up-to-date with news and goings on around the University. 

Lastly (but certainly not least!) you should liaise with your faculty research support colleagues. They will not only support you with the costings for your applications but also help you navigate the internal application processes (especially as they are different for each faculty and there is a central sign-off process too). 

Business and Law 

Creative and Cultural Industries 

Humanities and Social Sciences 

Science and Health 


If you have any research-related queries and are unsure who to contact, please email and your email will be passed on to an appropriate colleague. There are many of us in Research and Innovation Services (RIS) with different expertise and roles to support activity across the University. You can find out more about us here