Introduction to the new Impact Team

The impact division of our REF team has recently grown to 3 members. Dee Summers, our Research Impact Officer, has been joined by Dr Vasiliki Antoniou and Bryony Pound in the role of Research Impact Support Officer to aid the development of the 2021 portfolio of REF Impact Case Studies (ICS). The team has been working strategically across faculties to support cases in all units of assessment.

Vasiliki has a background in language education, and a PhD from the University of Essex. She stepped into the newly created role of Impact Support Officer in April 2019, having previously worked in academia and in research impact roles in the UK Data Service. She provides expert assistance to Portsmouth’s researchers in humanities, technology and other departments.

Bryony has a background in psychology, and stakeholder engagement including in decision-making and knowledge sharing contexts. She joined us in June from the REF team at the University of Surrey and has experience working in their School of Psychology actively developing a subject-specific portfolio of cases. She works collaboratively with academics in all faculties to aid the development of impact case studies, advising on narrative, structure and evidence collection. 

REF Impact Case Studies

The University will need to submit around 55 case studies to the REF, and with the submission deadline in November 2020 fast approaching, work is ramping up on the development of our Impact Case Studies. We have a wide range of far reaching and significant impact to report to the REF. Over the summer the Impact Team has been working closely with academic colleagues across the University to provide support and advice to help prepare for the Mock REF exercise that is taking place in October. The outcomes of this exercise will help identify the case studies for submission to REF 2021 and also indicate additional areas of development and support for individual cases.

Further guidance on impact

For more information on impact, REF impact and engaging with stakeholders, there is a wealth of information and help in the Impact Resources folder.

If you are developing a REF impact case study, there is also some specific guidance that may be useful:

REF Impact Case Study guide: writing the narrative

REF Impact Guide: Collecting Evidence

Or contact the Impact Team directly: