The Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) in parliament is creating a COVID-19 Outbreak Expert Database to aid Parliament, and have called on the research community to offer relevant expertise to numerous subject areas. 

In recent weeks, Parliament’s need for access to research expertise has increased, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. They need quick access to a range of expertise in Covid-19 itself, and to aid with multiple knock-on effects this virus has. MPs use insights and wisdom provided by the research community to inform effective functioning; representing the British public, debating key issues, and passing legislation.

University of Portsmouth academics are on it! With some already advising the UK government on Police action, others have already offered their wisdom to the database KEU are creating, to help with this crisis. So far, UoP academics have offered expertise in: mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable young people (young care leavers, child refugees and children/young people from ethnic minority communities), prison function, cross-country comparison of response to the virus, domestic abuse instances (triggered by confinement in the house, heightened stress levels and loss of income), public health, behavioural science, epidemiology, crime, police responses and security.

If you would like to contribute your academic expertise please use this form, and let Glenn Harris know if you are signing up to this database. He will keep information for any new requests for experts.