If you are applying for external funding or have been contacted by a potential customer or collaborator for your research and innovation activity, then you (or a helpful colleague) will need to complete an Intention to Apply form (accessible when logged into the VPN).

This new form is linked into our University Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which support colleagues can access to view and update the record.

When you submit a new Intention to Apply, your Faculty R&I professional support colleagues will first check with your Research/Innovation Leader that you are able to proceed in developing your bid (so you may wish to speak to them before you submit the form). You will then receive an email with a bid number, which will look something like this ITA-000XXXXX, and some guidance on what to do next.

Over time we will be tweaking and developing both the system and communications to continuously improve your experience. If you have any feedback on the new system, please do let either your Faculty R&I professional support colleagues or RIS@port.ac.uk know and we will feed these into the ongoing discussions.