The UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) works hard to help academics engage with the UK Parliament.  They recently ran a training webinar attended by our Research Impact Manager, Dee Summers, who has compiled all of the resources which you can now access on the Impact Google Drive.

The UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit (KEU) provided an overview of the UK Parliament and ways to work with the institution including details on Select Committees, the House of Commons and House of Lords libraries, and POST, and explores working with individual Parliamentarians, including:

  • UnderstandingParliament’s role and work, and the difference between Parliament and Government
  • Learning how research is used in the UK Parliament
  • Being able to identify and take up opportunities to feed your research into Parliament’s work
  • Being aware of where to go for further support

The KEU team have kindly provided a recording of the session and other resources that can be accessed via the following links:

If you are interested in engaging with Parliament around the COVID-19 outbreak and its impacts, please see the COVID-19 researcher engagement webpage outlining the most targeted, impactful ways that researchers can engage at the moment.