The Impact and Knowledge Exchange team has been busy making sure that we can increase the quantity and quality of identifiable impact that is consistently produced by our colleagues’ research and innovation activity. We are also working to raise the profile of this impact more widely.

REF2021 Impact Case Studies

Now that the REF2021 results have been published, we can take stock of what this means for our target of making our impact increasingly conspicuous.

The University put forward a total of 54 impact case studies as a part of the overall REF2021 submission. The majority of these case studies are now accessible and available to view on the University Research Portal; you can now read for yourself about the outstanding societal impact the University’s work has had! To view the case studies on the portal, simply visit the impact section here and make sure the REF2021 filter on the left-hand side is ticked. Alternatively, you can directly search for “REF2021” in the search bar. Enjoy!

Raising Student Awareness of our Research Impact

The team have created a couple of short YouTube videos to enhance students’ understanding of, and engagement with, UoP research.  Please feel free to share these with your colleagues and students, or anyone else who may be interested!