We all love visits from funders of research and innovation. They enable us to hear directly from the people working for the funder, helping us develop our understanding of what they are looking for and giving us the opportunity to ask questions. 

Recently, we have been inviting and arranging funders to visit. Such events may also provide the opportunity to hear from awardees here at Portsmouth who can share their experience of developing the application and give us an insight into what their award has enabled them to do. 

If you have missed any previous events or would like to refresh your memory, you can find the resources (including slides and recordings) on the Highlighted Calls and Funders* page of our RIS intranet. 

Links to resources from previous events: 

Links to registration for upcoming events: 

Alongside these events, we have also been producing resources for UoP applicants to access, such as Funding Insights that dive into specific schemes and we have been collecting examples of bids for our Successful Bid Library*. 

Overall, these collective resources enable us to develop targeted applications that speak to what the funder is looking for and therefore maximise our chances of success. 

*you will need to be logged into your university Google account to access these resources