We get asked lot of questions about where to publicly share research data that underpins your publications. Your subject area may have a default ‘go to’ subject repository, however, where the choice is not so obvious this simple diagram can be used to help identify a suitable repository.

You may ask the question ‘Can’t I just deposit my data in Pure?’, to which the answer is ‘Yes’, however, there may be more suitable international / national repositories that are better able to raise the profile of your data, so they should be your first choice.

A few other points to be aware of –

  • You may also want to consider the option of publishing in a data journal, providing a detailed description of your dataset to promote and enable its re-use.
  • Be aware that your funder or publisher may require you to deposit your data in a specific repository.
  • Don’t forget to add a data availability statement (ie. with a link to where your data is deposited) in your publications so that people can find your data!
For further help please see the University’s Research Data web page, the 1 page research data checklist’ or contact researchdata@port.ac.uk with any questions.

Image credit: Padlock image reproduced with permission form Flickr – Blogtreprenuer CC BY 2.0